Make mistakes. Not regrets.

    For so many of us; probably each and every one of us, we have faced adversity at one time or another, or are even facing adversity at the moment. And, we usually don’t know why.  Well, I am reminded often to stay the course; to not look back, and to stay positive. I have learned to also take these challenges, and find the blessings that show up when you least expect them.
    Now that you’re embracing obstacles in life, let’s remember that we all face them, we all make mistakes, and we all can choose to be positive; never giving up.  One of my times of adversity has led to many blessings, and to the realization that we cannot allow for fear; except for fear  of regret.  I have one regret in life, and will do everything in my power to not have a second one.
    Fear not mistakes or imperfections; challenges or detours.  Don’t fear. Just give.
    –David Hoffman
    Owner/CEO DHG Network

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